KCCA Annual Meeting September 28, 2017 @ 7:00 p.m.

Crime, our growing homeless population (which potentially contributes to both crime and violence), and our neglected or abandoned business and residential properties in Kanawha City have become a negative part of our current reality. Each one of us, as a part of this community, needs to OWN and correct these challenges.

Your property values, your safety and the desirability of our community depend on us finding creative ways to keep Kanawha City the Charleston neighborhood of choice and not a neighborhood to avoid. That is the topic of our upcoming Community Meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, September 28 at City National Bank conference room. (Enter through the door on the Wendy’s side of the bank’s building.)

Unlike past meetings, there will be no featured speaker*. You and your neighbors will be the speakers and the main focus of the meeting. Came to express your opinions, your concerns, your hopes, and your willingness to take action for Kanawha City, your neighborhood. We can all complain and yell at someone about deterioration but practically speaking, no one person can correct it all.

First of all, the police are right. If you see something, say something. Get to know your neighborhood watch volunteer and let them know your concerns. They are in touch with the police daily.

Second, take a cell phone picture of what looks good and what you think we should replicate more of in Kanawha City. Share those photos with us. Take cell phone pictures of what really looks bad and needs corrected – shopping carts not on store grounds, unsightly overgrowth or neglect on commercial, state, city or private property. Share those photos with us too -guthrien4@gmail.com.

We need to identify the issues and then figure out together how to bring in the resources necessary to expand on or newly create what’s GOOD and correct what’s BAD and eliminate what’s REALLY BAD.

So, get involved. OWN YOUR COMMUNITY.

*The meeting will include election of board members. If you are interested in serving on the KCCA board and helping shape the future in Kanawha City, let us know ASAP or get nominated from the floor. All KCCA members are invited and encouraged to participate in KCCA committees, which include: Beautification, Business, Crime & Housing, Planning & Zoning, Communication, and MacCorkle Redevelopment. For more information contact KCCA or any board member.

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